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Ask for proof of insurance or call the insurance company to verify. — Are there fungal conks or mushrooms growing on the bark or root flares? Fungal conks or mushrooms growing on the bark or ground level could be wood decay fungi — leading to structural or stability issues. The City of Virginia Beach does not test visible mold or for the presence of mold. The city also does not administer environmental or air quality assessments. Get landscaping news and insights, plus how-to guides and equipment reviews — delivered straight to your inbox.
Mowing is another important aspect of lawn maintenance and management. Lawns should be mowed on a regular basis and the frequency depends on the growth rate of the grass. During growth peaks in spring, for instance, lawns may require mowing more than once a week. You can’t get much more low maintenance than artificial turf! With zero maintenance needed, artificial turf has stepped out of the 70s and transformed into a modern eco-friendly landscaping option. It requires no mowing, watering, fertilizing or weed control, and its many varieties are incredibly life like.
Bugs will make their home in your lawn, but they won’t be able to damage the grass much. In any lawn, thatch material collects around the base of the grass plants. Fertilisation de is not made up of mowed grass clippings, as is commonly believed. Thatch is actually made up of culms and crowns that have died naturally.
They’ll decompose, returning nutrients to the soil and they can help keep sand out of the streets and stabilize loose soils. Dying or diseased trees pose risks to your family and property. Our pros have the tools and training to safely remove trees and give you peace of mind.
Water deeply and infrequently—If you want your grass to have strong, deep roots, you need to water deeply and infrequently instead of choosing shallow, daily watering. With deep, sturdy roots, your grass can grow nice and thick and compete with weeds that may try to grow. Systemic weed killers attack the entire plant, including the roots. Topical herbicides, on the other hand, only kill the areas where the weed killer is applied. Weed killers work by using chemicals that kill the weed or prevent its growth.
Of course, water is one of the essential nutrients for lawn growth, however like too much of anything is not good, too much water or too little water can cause various issues with the lawn. Thatch is an organic matter that is accumulated on a lawn around the base of the grass. Typically, thatch is a combination of living and dead plant matter. It is not just our bodies, and even the soil has its pH. The threshold is 7, and below 7, the soil is said to be acidic, and above 7, the soil is alkaline.

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