Chapter 4: Methods of Concrete Construction and Building Equipment

Reinforced concrete passes muster for any building code, and often far exceeds the minimum requirements for ICC compliance. In areas prone to extreme weather events or temperatures, concrete is undoubtedly the best material for house construction. Now that the convenience and cost benefits of concrete house construction are clear, it’s worth exploring three of the more specific reasons people and companies choose concrete. They also create inserts where the crane will hold and lift the slab, as well as embeds where the panels will attach to floors, the roof and other panels. If the weather is warm and balmy on the ground, 1,000 feet up, conditions can be very different.
Fill out the form to download this comprehensive but to-the-point guide. Everything we build emerges from our dedicated Design-Build philosophy. We combine that philosophy with advanced technologies and decades of experience to shave critical days and hours off the construction processes. That’s how we’ve gotten so good at coming in on-time and under-budget.
Site preparation is the first activity of post-contract construction work. Acquiring and manufacturing of materials comes from local sources, reducing transportation energy. At Building Concrete Solutions, our employees work on major projects throughout the Greater Houston Area. Our attention to safety and community make BCS one of the industry’s most enjoyable places to work. We offer our employees the training and experience that leads to fulfilling careers.
Finishing work cannot occur once concrete hardens, so it is important to use large transit mixers. They can be filled with batch-mixed concrete or dry material ready to be mixed on the job site. However, larger projects need much more working time and large volumes of the material.
Prestressed concrete is used to build bridges, heavy loaded structures or roofs that have long spans. It’s normally used for pavements or buildings that don’t need high tensile strength. It is not very good for many other structures since it doesn’t withstand the stresses created by wind loading or vibrations very well. Scenario S4 was based on the default study assumptions but added $5 million to the initial construction cost of both buildings to increase the front-end cost. This addition to the front-end cost represented extra cost for building permit applications, design costs, and more.
Two alternatives to traditional scaffolding for high-rise construction are powered mast-climbing platforms and suspended scaffolds. Both eliminate the labor required to construct multiple levels of conventional scaffolding. récupération de béton and other temporary work platforms allow the masons to work facing the exposed side of the masonry, making it easier to ensure the exposed side is laid plumb and level. Most mason contractors own a supply of scaffolding, but often must rent supplemental scaffolds for high-rise construction. Time should be allotted for placing, dismantling, and moving scaffolds on the job. These issues don’t mean that job site mixed concrete will be unacceptable, only that the quality of the concrete will be much more variable than Ready Mixed concrete.

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