Real estate could be all about location, location, location, but owning a home can be about timing, timing, timing. Just like the stock market, once you make your investment is simply as important as the investment you choose. And, with regards to property, a pre-construction investment can maximize your return.

The principal pre-construction investment advantage is that you can generally buy a property at a lower price than in the event that you were to wait until following the project breaks ground. Once construction is underway, popular locations and properties can trigger an influx of new investors who drive prices up. A pre-construction investment also lets you choose among premium properties, whereas later investors can choose only from among the less desirable properties.

What to Buy in Today?s Climate

As the asking prices of single family dwellings are trending downward, there is still enough uncertainty on the market to cause concern. Lately, the eye of investors has considered what exactly are called condo hotels. These properties generally have both condominiums and luxury suites, and the communities routinely have a variety of attractive features, such as for example retail space, restaurants, and pools. Often, investors will purchase a condo hotel unit and use it part of the year as an extravagance vacation accommodation, while renting the property out for the rest of the year. The very best condo hotels take care of the rental management and maintenance, leaving the investor to take pleasure from his or her property while reaping the financial rewards.

Where to Buy

Real estate is focused on location, when considering a pre-construction investment, it?s vital that you find a place where there’s popular for short-term housing. In the United States, Orlando, Florida, is among the best places to get. Analysts estimate that the true estate market in Orlando is undervalued by as much as 30 %. And, with the tens of millions of tourists the area draws every year, thanks to Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, the hotel occupancy rate hovers at around 80 percent.

With these forms of numbers, Orlando may be the perfect place for a pre-construction investment. For example of what?s available, the Blue Rose is really a condo hotel scheduled to break ground in late 2007 and scheduled for completion in 2009 2009. The Blue Rose Resort is planning to offer over 250 condominiums alongside over 1,200 condo hotel suites of up to 3,000 square feet. To check the accommodations, the Blue Rose is planning to build the Swan Lake Promenade, that will house five themed restaurants, European cafes, private pool cabanas, and a Broadway-style theater that seats 1,000.

Pre- find room mate in top-rated short-term rental markets have an excellent potential profits on return. Plus, because of the desirable destination, savvy investors will be able to enjoy both appreciation of property values and great vacation accommodations.

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