The Car tire Jump seems like a relatively easy agility obstacle, at the very least from a people perspective, but in the Novice Speed ring you observe many dogs that will refuse to go through it, many fail it, while other folks opt to go about it. How could you prepare your beginning flexibility for success together with the Tire Jump?

Let’s go back to basis training. When bringing out any new obstacle, you want to be able to maintain the difficulty lower and emphasize the particular fun and relieve that it may be for your doggy. If the dog has a sit stay, leave him concerning 2 feet within front of the tire, facing it, walk to the other side and call your puppy, “Come Tire”. When he won’t budge, put your palm along with his treat or even toy through typically the tire to coax him to adhere to your own hand and bounce through the car tire. Practice this many times until he or she willing will be upon us soon to be able to you. Keep him or her about 2 foot from the tire, you go to the additional side and and then move back about 6 feet, “Come Tire. When your dog can leap through the car tire when you are at different miles and angles from the tire, then it is time to move him more away through the tire. Start Tires , you go to the particular other side regarding 6 feet apart and call, “Come Tire”. Place your current dog at diverse distances and perspectives from the car tire and call him or her to you personally. When your dog can be successful 80% of times, their time to development to make the challenge a lttle bit harder.

Now that your pet is coming in order to you, it is time to train “Go Tire”. Commence close to typically the tire again, three or more feet away, this time both a person and your canine are facing the particular tire. Tell your pet “Go Tire”. When he jumps through, great, step in order to the side plus reward him. If you don’t obtain any movement through the dog, step ahead and point to the tire, “Go Jump”. For some puppies this motion upon your part is plenty to get these people up and going through the car tire. If your doggy still won’t proceed, take your deal with container or plaything and throw via the tire, saying, “Go Tire”. Repeat this many times until your doggy will successfully move through the wheel without you getting to step in the direction of the tire or perhaps throw his gadget through the wheel. If you are usually using a plaything quickly try to be able to get your dog to be able to go through typically the tire then incentive with a throw of the toy or even treat container. Begin to back apart from the tire, 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet function toward sending your own dog from 35 feet away.

When you’ve started using a very young canine you should still have the wheel height set low 8″ or 12″ for a great bit of your training. If your own dog is older and large, now begin to proceed the tire level up. Go back and practice you “Come Tire” in addition to “Go Tire” when you change the heights. As an individual raise the height your dog might make an effort to go below the tire. At first you may possibly want to setup some wire nylon uppers or angled jump bars under the particular tire for your dog to understand this individual still must move through and not necessarily under the tire. Any time you are getting ready for competition, enhance the tire slightly higher than your dog might have in the agility ring. Preparation and practice usually are the best coaching tips for succeeding within the competition engagement ring.

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